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On show or behind the scenes? 5 original tv stand designs

21 July 2022

Whether in the living room, bedroom or a chillout space, turn your TV into an original feature in any room with the Homy living room, bedroom and wardrobe collections.

#1 Bookcase with sliding doors

Change the look of your living room as you like, with a sliding door that hides or reveals the TV compartment. Sliding doors are both a functional and aesthetic choice: the colour adds a contemporary touch and the moving panel creates a dynamic feel.

libreria con ante scorrevoli
libreria con ante scorrevoli per nascondere tv

#2 Wall panelling

The TV is usually wall-mounted or resting on a storage unit in the living room. With Homy Giorno, you can choose a back panel in one of many finishes, three different heights and multiple widths: a modern design idea for integrating the TV into your furniture composition.

Backlighting brings out the panel finish while also adding more light to the living room.

#3 Wardrobe door with built-in TV

If you want a TV in your bedroom but don’t want to compromise on storage space, the “Screen” door offers a built-in solution directly in the wardrobe door, meaning you only see the TV when it’s on. When the TV is off, it’s completely invisible and the surface remains perfectly free.

#4 Bridge wardrobes with TV stand drawer unit

Bridge wardrobes are multifunctional units. In addition to providing storage space, they also create space for adding in other pieces of furniture. For example, a drawer unit can be used as a practical TV shelf inside this niche. And if your needs change, it’s easy to convert the space too.

#5 Unit with swivel TV stand

Homy’s standard wardrobe collection includes an open-fronted unit with drawers at the bottom and doors at the top. The open compartment can be fitted with a pivoting TV mount you can adjust to enjoy watching from the perfect angle.

Go for the option that best suits your space and needs, and enjoy your favourite film or programme from the comfort of your sofa or bed!