Joining the Ecological Panel Consortium - Santalucia

Joining the Ecological Panel Consortium

21 November 2022

Sustainability is an increasingly important part of what we do at Santalucia Mobili. Our green approach starts with production, designed and organised according to a lean model targeting the 3Ps (profit, people and planet). On the ground, it carries over into our use of certified-quality eco-sustainable materials, and our decision to join the Consorzio del Pannello Ecologico [Ecological Panel Consortium].

The Ecological Panel Consortium is a sustainability association promoting the reuse of resources, particularly wood, in response to the growing need to safeguard the environment. Santalucia Mobili shares the association’s vision and, in recent years, has been undergoing a process of change to improve its operations on multiple fronts. This process involves defining company policies centred around creating a business model that includes corporate social responsibility and environmental issues. For more information, read our Sustainability Report.

At Santalucia Mobili, our furniture and furnishings are made using unique 100% recycled wood panels. Existing resources are reused to make them, meaning no trees are felled. These ecological panels are made by Gruppo Mario Saviola and feature in the company’s recent TV ad alongside the slogan “Nuova vita al legno, lunga vita agli alberi” [New life for wood. Long life to trees]. One of the main features of these panels is that they are low formaldehyde (class E1 certified). They are also the first panels in the world to have obtained “FSC® C119775 100% recycled” certification.

Through these choices, sustainable quality is brought right to the heart of Santalucia Mobili’s production, and into your homes, creating eco-friendly spaces.