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Homy Notte: your dream headboard

19 February 2021

Beds are a feature piece of furniture in any bedroom space, and usually the element that adds the most character to the interiors. Combining both form and function, headboards too are an important aspect of the design and style.

The beds in the Homy Notte collection furnish the space with upholstered or wooden headboards, designed to suit different needs and tastes. We have picked out five from the models on offer to show you – ready to discover the headboard of your dreams?

#1 If you dream of all-encompassing comfort

If the wall your bed is up against allows for it, go big on the headboard. The Scirocco bed is a great example of this, as the headboard extends widthways and folds forward at the sides, with delicate padding detail.

testiera imbottita ripiegata sui lati

Perfect if you’re looking for soft, warm, all-embracing comfort.

testiera letto ripiegata sui lati

#2 If you dream of having practical features at your fingertips

When you’re short of space in a smaller-sized bedroom, features such as the headboard can be practical as well as stylish, helping you to save space.

testiera multifunzione con modulo a giorno

This is the case with the Plinio bed headboard, which not only adds a decorative wall feature but also provides some practical open-fronted compartments down the side, for storing anything you want to keep to hand. This means that, when space is at a premium, there’s no need for room for a bedside table

testiera letto modulo libreria laterale

#3 If you dream of simplicity that takes you by surprise

Regardless of the available space in your room, minimalist style means keeping things sleek and simple. But just one detail is all it takes to create something truly original. With the Homy Notte Grecale bed, this one detail is the headboard. Its simple, linear shape is broken up by a striking cut on both sides.

testiera minimal

The addition of some backlighting gives the headboard design even more style, producing an ultra-modern, decorative light effect.

testiera minimal con luce integrata

#4 If your dream is to have a little comfort all to yourself

Beds are not just for sleeping in, and the headboard is an important factor when it comes to being comfy, for example when sitting back to read in bed.

testiera letto con cuscini

The Maistro bed headboard divides the space neatly, with two separate cushions for added comfort. They can also be removed to change the style and transform the bed. You can customise the headboard down the sides too, with two wings that can be angled as desired. As well as a little extra comfort for yourself, this model offers personalised style.

cuscini imbottiti per testiera

#5 If your dreams are soft and snuggly

When we think about sleep and rest, we think of sinking into something soft and snuggly. So why not opt for a headboard that is cushioned from top to bottom?

testiera con rivestimento

The Ghibli bed headboard provides a stylish solution with its entire structure in fabric upholstery, bolstering the room’s modern feel.

rivestimento testiera con zip