Sustainability Report 2021 - Santalucia

Sustainability Report 2021

22 December 2022

Santalucia Mobili has published its second Sustainability Report, bringing together the strategic objectives that have been implemented and consolidated to raise awareness around economic, social and environmental issues.

At the beginning of the report, in the letter to stakeholders, Santalucia Mobili reaffirms its commitment to sustainable change. The project “TO DO FUTURE”, launched in 2020, is the tangible outcome of this commitment. It includes planned initiatives in two different areas: actions targeting the UN 2030 Agenda goals, and actions aimed at lean corporate reorganisation. Despite 2021 being another year marred by the pandemic, Santalucia Mobili still made some significant progress, including a product update and a major technological overhaul in the production area.

Jacopo Galli, Santalucia Mobili’s CEO, commented that: “This second sustainability report provides confirmation of our commitment to what we signed up for in 2020 with “TO DO FUTURE”, that is, directing the company towards an increasingly sustainable dimension. It is an ongoing journey, and not an easy one, with daily challenges and critical issues. But, thanks to the tenacity, determination and contribution of each individual, it is certainly achievable.”

In addition, Santalucia Mobili has included a Code of Ethics in its sustainability report. The company’s values have been used to define the principles and rules of conduct for day-to-day operation, because it is only by behaving ethically and responsibly that value can really be created for all stakeholders.

Download the report to find out more.