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5 must-have accessories for your walk-in wardrobe

26 April 2022

The better organised your wardrobe space is, the more you get out of it. Santalucia Mobili offers four types of walk-in wardrobe for creating infinite configurations to meet all your space requirements. The size and style of the units change, but they can all be fitted with a range of useful accessories to optimise the space and help make your everyday life easier.

#1 Shelves with clothes rail

Clothes rails are an essential accessory in your walk-in wardrobe. In Santalucia Mobili’s designs they are integrated into the shelving and come in different widths.

The Koby model features a rack design with no side panels or partitions. Instead, shelves can be placed side by side to create full-length clothes rails. You choose where to position the shelves to make full use of the available height and prevent long garments from crumpling at the bottom.

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#2 Floor standing or wall-mounted drawer units

Walk-in wardrobes are completely open, meaning the contents are entirely on show. Drawer units can then be an excellent way to hide away clothes or accessories you don’t want on display. Whether with two or three drawers, floor-standing or wall-mounted, drawer units are a must-have – both because they’re practical and because they help to create a dynamic look with open and closed spaces.

#3 Pull-out trouser rack

Trousers can be found in all of our wardrobes, usually hung on hangers. But there’s a more practical, space-saving way to store them: a pull-out trouser rack. With this accessory, each pair can be tidied away neatly and the crease line kept in tact! This important attention to detail can make all the difference, especially in the morning when it pays to have everything ready to put on.

#4 Pull-down wardrobe rail

Height can often be an issue with walk-in wardrobes. It’s important to make the most of every inch of space, but everything still needs to be accessible. A pull-down wardrobe rail can help with its handy up-and-down mechanism. You can hang your clothes high up but still reach them easily with minimum effort.

#5 Integrated lighting

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind but, just like in the other rooms in the house, lighting matters in a wardrobe space. Good lighting is essential to ensuring you can find what you’re looking for, especially if the room is small or not well lit. Plus, it also creates mood and atmosphere.

The Luxury model walk-in wardrobe has LED lighting integrated into the full-height aluminium frames.

The Bold and Naked walk-in wardrobes have LED lighting built into the side panels and partitions, to light up each compartment.

The Koby model walk-in wardrobe doesn’t have any partitions, so instead it has horizontal LED lighting integrated into the shelving.

Browse the Homy Walk-in Wardrobes catalogue for the full range of Santalucia Mobili accessories for organising and customising your walk-in wardrobe in the best possible way.