Pratico Liscia Hinged door - Santalucia

Pratico Liscia Hinged door

A compact wardrobe with hinged doors and
minimalist style, it can be customised in various combinations
of colours, finishes and mirrors.
Pratico collection

For all your needs

Useful, spacious, functional and suitable for both double
and single rooms, this wardrobe never lets you down. The simple design features a practical,
contrasting matt black handle.

Smart spaces

The lighting inside the wardrobe combines design and practicality, for furniture that not only looks great, but is smart too.
This dynamic wardrobe is also available in a corner version, adding interest to the room. A functional bedroom
can not be without some effective, clever features such as the open end unit on the wardrobe for books, ornaments
or other oddments. Even the second bedroom can have its own design features, offering practical solutions too.

The fully mirrored version of the wardrobe enhances the light in the whole room,
enlarging the space. Shapes and colours come to life on this uniform surface that combines aesthetic
reflections with a practical full-length mirror.
Another way to make the most of the mirrored door
is to pair it with a smooth Liscia one. The bedroom becomes a textured and visual space,
with a modern, ultra-personal feel.

Examples of

Example #01
Example #02
Example #03


Wood grains

Matwood White
Matwood Grey
Matwood Honey


Eco Bianco
Eco Limo
Eco Pepe

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