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When to choose an all-white wardrobe

27 July 2023

You can never go wrong with white furniture. If you’re undecided about your colour scheme, all white is always a safe bet as it keeps your options open. You can add a splash of colour to one wall or choose coloured fabrics or accessories to brighten up the room.

In some situations, it’s also a good idea to use white – or a pale, neutral colour – for your wardrobes. But when? Read on to find out.

#1 When the space is already partially furnished

Wardrobes are often added later as extras to bedrooms or other rooms to provide extra storage space. This means wardrobes often have to fit around existing furniture, in a different finish.

By choosing white, you don’t have to worry about your wardrobe matching your other furniture. It looks good anywhere and with everything. Take the Twin hinged-door model: it works perfectly alongside with the Matwood Dark bed.

The Tandem hinged-door wardrobe in white adds to the look of the bedroom, where the bed, dresser and bedside tables feature contrasting colours and textures. On closer inspection, you’ll also notice the wardrobe isn’t completely white: the Tissù finish creates a decorative surface texture, adding an extra touch of style to the room. Various other decorative finishes are also available at Santalucia Mobili, for furniture that looks stunning and feels great, too.

#2 When the space is small and lacking light

If your bedroom or wardrobe space is small, white can help to make it feel bigger.

The wardrobe with Liscia sliding doors, for example, slots into a niche without being too overpowering or cumbersome. The Tissù finish used here decorates the surface, without being aesthetically overbearing.

Small rooms can sometimes be lacking in light, and even larger spaces may have limited natural light coming in. A pale-coloured wardrobe such as the model with Piana sliding doors can help to add light and depth to the room.

#3 When the wardrobe is big

White can lighten the look of big wardrobes, too. In long, narrow spaces, like the one shown in the photo, using a dark colour can prove to be overwhelming, making the space feel claustrophobic.

The wardrobe with sliding Profilo doors has a minimalist design and is perfect for large spaces. A slim profile acts as the handle, elongating the fronts, and an open-fronted insert breaks up the width, lightening the overall look.

#4 When it’s not quite white

If you’re not entirely convinced by the idea of an all-white wardrobe, why not opt for a pale colour and bring it to life with vibrant open compartments, which can be used to house a practical clothes rail, as shown in the photo.

Alternatively, the wardrobe with Fascia hinged or Fascia sliding doors features a decorative horizontal insert, available in numerous different finishes, which breaks up the monochromatic look of the furniture.

At Santalucia Mobili, white wardrobes are more than just furniture. They’re the answer to numerous problems, like how to coordinate with existing furniture or how to make the space feel bigger and brighter. They can also be decorative.

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