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Wardrobes: models and types to suit your every need

18 May 2018

Wardrobes are an essential part of any home; this is why choosing them requires careful consideration, and a clear idea of the space they will take up and the look they need to have.

There is more to wardrobes than just a hinged or sliding door. There are many types and forms of wardrobe, designed and built to respond to different needs. Let’s take a look at some of these, all of which have different uses and purposes.

The everything wardrobe

The first question we ask ourselves when choosing a wardrobe is: ‘will everything fit?’. It goes without saying that we want to make sure the wardrobe is big enough to store all of our things. For those who need extra space, a standard model wardrobe might not fit the bill.

This is why there are solutions which combine an open unit complete with shelves and rack, with the standard wardrobe structure and doors. This creates an accessorised wall that replicates the idea of a walk-in wardrobe. This creates more space. A closed section can also be paired with an open area for keeping items to hand.

The anywhere wardrobe

Another common requirement is creating maximum storage in the smallest possible space. We do not always have a large bedroom space, and an oversized wardrobe risks looking awkward and getting in the way. Luckily, there are a range of smart, space-saving solutions on offer that make the most of every available inch.

For example, in smaller spaces, a corner structure can be used to create a dressing room area: well-lit and fitted with a mirror, with plenty of space for storing everything you need, from dresses to accessories, and bed linen to shoes!

The TV-in-bed wardrobe

How many of you like relaxing, stretched out on your bed, in front of a good film or TV series? The wardrobe can help with this, too.

Thanks to an open compartment fitted with a swivel TV-support panel, the screen can be built into the room furniture. This is an innovative solution offering the very best in comfort, as well as style. Thanks to this wardrobe, you can watch TV just like in your living room, but with all of the added comfort of the bedroom.

The living-room wardrobe

We usually think of a wardrobe being in the bedroom, but that does not mean it cannot be used elsewhere in the home. It is handy particularly in hallways and passageways, for hanging up bags and coats or, in general, for keeping tidy anything you do not want on view. In these cases, the wardrobe can be adapted to the living space, by adding some living room features, such as open compartments that lighten the look.

The possibilities are endless. You could choose to add a bookcase insert between the doors, for storing books and trinkets.

Or you could opt for an open end unit: this interesting solution hides the wardrobe side panel, while adding extra storage space.

Where there is plenty of available space, a double unit could be the answer: a conventional wardrobe that extends into a fully-fledged bookcase. Two furniture solutions in one, or rather an all-in-one that serves both purposes! This original solution allows you to keep some items hidden, and put others proudly on display. Decorative back panels and partition panels in contrasting finishes can also be used to this end.

Inside the wardrobe

So far, we have explored shapes, sizes, structures and inserts, but the most important part of the wardrobe is the inside. No matter how spacious it is, if the interiors are badly organised, the space risks being wasted.

Drawer units, shelves and compartments: each and every element must be arranged to make the best use of the space inside the wardrobe, finding the right spot for keeping everything in place. The accessories and internal lighting finish off the piece, making it practical and functional.

Then, there’s the style element. The colours and materials used for the wardrobe can influence the look of the whole room. Therefore, it is important to choose carefully – this is why we will be looking at this in a separate post. We will dedicate an entire article to wardrobe designs and finishes, offering lots of examples to suit all tastes, from the most modern to the most original!