The importance of teamwork: our agents workshop - Santalucia

The importance of teamwork: our agents workshop

8 June 2018

We recently held our very first Santalucia Mobili workshop for agents and have been taking stock of the experience, which was very rewarding both for us as a company and for our agents.
Two-days of professional development training were repeated over three weeks, for three groups of agents from across Italy: Santalucia Mobili’s sales force is also its most powerful communication too. Every year, it contributes to sharing our story and the quality of our brand.

Precisely because our agents are a fundamental part of our team, we wanted to offer specific training days just for them, to provide an opportunity to discuss and share ideas and experiences, as well as to present some of what’s new at Santalucia Mobili.

One such development is the new Projecta compositions and beds catalogue and price list. Projecta is the Homy-brand bedroom collection which has been revamped, introducing new finishes and furniture while keeping the same modern, personal appeal.

As for the Ikona brand, we presented a preview of Innova: the new living room collection that features contemporary design units that really let you be free with your compositions, as well as offering a wide range of finishes.

The workshop also offered plenty of hands-on sessions too. Designer Stefano Spessotto got our agents involved in an activity called “Managing your display space”. The purpose of the exercise was to highlight the role of today’s agent, who is more of a consultant than a seller, offering advice on how to combines styles and finishes both at home and in the showroom.

There was a lot of new information on the technological innovation front too. Santalucia Mobili, with its partner Tesy Software, is one of the first companies in Italy to present Virtuo, a piece of virtual reality software, which will be integrated with graphics configurator Metron, which we already use for uploading orders. These two pieces of software together allow the retailer to create furnished virtual interiors based on the requirements of the end customer. And the customers themselves can quite literally enter the room or home using the Virtuo headset.

Our agents were able to try out this immersive experience, which will allow users to visualise their designs with a level of realism and definition quality that was unimaginable not long ago.

This is just a snapshot of what took place during these workshops, alongside the more technical training. It has been a positive experience both for the company and the agents, and a real opportunity to develop professionally and boost team spirit. It will certainly not be the last! Santalucia Mobili will continue to pursue innovation and continuing professional development, which it believes in very strongly.