Santalucia Mobili presents its first Sustainability Report - Santalucia

Santalucia Mobili presents its first Sustainability Report

20 December 2021

The vision of an inclusive and sustainable future is what inspired Santalucia Mobili to undertake a series of specific concrete actions, aimed at achieving this objective.
Thus, the publication of our 2020 Sustainability Report marks the first steps on a journey of change, where challenges are opportunities for creating value for the company, its resources and all stakeholders.

“To do the future” sums up the strategy adopted by Santalucia Mobili. It is the heart of this change. The logo representing this strategic plan is reminiscent of the “check mark” used to tick things off a to-do list, which, in this case, are actions designed to implement change.

The strategy is currently structured around two projects. The first includes all the sustainable actions linked to the 17 objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda; the second project concerns improving the efficiency of production processes, namely by applying the Lean production method.

Thus, the Sustainability Report is the official document that transparently discloses Santalucia Mobili’s economic, social and environmental commitment in terms of sustainability, which has become an integral part of the company’s governance. This has also involved the creation of a dedicated “Sustainability Team”,who oversee objectives and projects and raise awareness on the “sustainable approach”.

“This is a very important step for Santalucia Mobili. It is confirmation and the embodiment of a journey that began in 2012, based on a shared commitment where people can make a difference because they are at the centre of action”,says Jacopo Galli, General Manager of Santalucia Mobili. “The future is the child of the present, so we must take care of it by paying attention to the community, to young people, their education and needs, and be far-sighted and think about the legacy we are leaving to future generations. This is what the Sustainability Report represents for us: our responsibility and our commitment to the future.

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