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How to create a designer study corner in the living room

30 May 2024

Having an area set aside to work or study at home is increasingly becoming a priority for many. As the number of hours working from home increases in many companies and, at the same time, the square footage of homes often decreases, there is a need to find functional solutions that concurrently blend in with the rest of the furnishings.

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Creating a functional and welcoming study corner in the living room can enhance productivity and day-to-day well-being. In this article, we will be revealing several practical solutions to furnish a home office area in Santalucia Mobili style.

Assessing available space and light

Choosing the ideal location for a study corner in the living room requires a careful assessment of the available space and lighting. Considering the size of the room and measuring the space precisely will help you choose elements that fit in perfectly without creating clutter.

Another crucial aspect is lighting, both natural and artificial. Natural light is invaluable in creating an enjoyable and productive working environment. Placing the desk in front of a window allows maximum use of daylight.

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It is also always advisable to provide a supporting desk lamp for evening hours or cloudy days, such as Nume with a dimmable light.

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If natural light is not sufficient, it is important to provide adequate artificial lighting. An adjustable wall lamp can be a versatile solution, as it allows the light to be modulated as needed. This type of lighting is particularly useful to avoid reflections and glare on your computer screen, ensuring you can see properly and don’t strain your eyes.

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When using a PC, you need to carefully consider how light affects the view of the screen. Positioning the monitor so as to avoid direct reflections or glare is essential for optimal visual comfort when working or studying.

Ideas and tips for furnishing a study corner in the living room

Consider the general style

When furnishing a study corner in the living room, you should choose furniture that blends in seamlessly with the overall style of the room: modern, classic, minimalist, Scandinavian, industrial… This approach keeps the aesthetics consistent and creates a matching environment. There are several solutions to strike this balance.

One option is to go for an L-shaped desk which can be lined up with the existing furniture or positioned in a corner, making the most of every inch of the room.

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If wall space is limited, another practical solution is to place the desk against the back of the sofa. By using special modules and panels, you can create a functional work area that matches the living room furniture perfectly.

piano scrittoio integrato al divano per soggiorno moderno

For those who cannot survive without a bookcase in the living room, there are bookcases with integrated desks, which optimise space and storage.

libreria moderna con scrivania integrata

Another versatile solution are all-in-one bookcases that combine a desk, television and bookcase elements. This type of furniture is ideal for those who want to keep the TV in the living room, without compromising on study space. Switching from studying/working to relaxing will be a snap!

soggiorno moderno con scrivania e porta tv

Choosing a desk and chair

A desk suited to the type of work you do is essential to create a comfortable and productive workstation. Your choice of desk depends mainly on the available space and specific requirements.

  • For laptop users, a shallow desktop might be sufficient. Compact, minimalist desks provide the necessary space for a laptop, a table lamp and a few stationery accessories.
  • For those with a desktop computer, it is important to consider a wider desk. In addition to the monitor, you need room for the keyboard and mouse.
libreria con scrivania integrata per soggiorno moderno

The choice of chair is also crucial to ensure comfort and prevent problems related to poor posture. Here are some aspects to consider:

  • Lower back support: a good office chair should provide adequate lower back support and maintain the natural curvature of the spine. This helps prevent back pain and other musculoskeletal problems.
  • Adjustability: you should choose a height-adjustable chair to suit your desk and your height. Some models are equipped with adjustable armrests and backrests to customise comfort further.
  • Materials: breathable upholstery promotes ventilation and reduces sweating. Upholstered chairs with high-quality materials offer comfort and support for extended periods.
  • Ergonomic design: ergonomic chairs are designed to mimic the natural form of your body, offering support in key areas such as the lower back, neck and arms. Investing in a quality ergonomic chair can make a big difference in the long run, improving comfort and productivity.

Organisation and functionality

Organising the study corner down to the last detail is essential to create an efficient and pleasant working environment. The addition of shelves, shelving units, bookcases and closed modules with doors allows you to store books, documents and everyday objects, freeing up desk space and contributing to a tidy look.

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The shelf can be integrated directly into the desk, as in the solution pictured.

tavolo scrittoio con mobile e mensola

A desktop with a drawer is extremely useful for storing pens, pencils, papers and other stationery: everything will be within easy reach without cluttering up the desk surface. To optimise organisation further, organisers can be used inside the drawers: they divide the space into compartments to make it easier to arrange your wares.

scrivania moderna con cassetto

A room-separating bookcase with integrated desk can be the perfect designer solution to create a tidier environment: this type of furnishing solution divides the space and creates more privacy and room for concentration, particularly if the study corner is in an open-plan living room.

libreria separa ambienti con scrivania integrata

Space-saving solutions

Making best use of nooks and crannies can prove to be an effective strategy to create a workstation in a small living room. Santalucia Mobili’s entrance units, for instance, can be transformed into practical study/workstations: by adding a seat and lights, they make small walls extremely functional.

mobile sospeso con scrittoio per angolo studio

These versatile furnishing solutions are perfect for creating a study corner even in small spaces, without compromising on aesthetics and practicality. Wall-mounted tops keep the work area visually light and the floor free of clutter.

mobile scrivania compatto di design

As mentioned above, the integration of a desk into the back of the sofa is also a practical space-saving solution.

scrivania moderna integrata al divano

Style and decoration

Choosing a colour palette that matches the rest of the living room ensures a harmonious setting. Neutral colours such as white, grey and beige are ideal for generating a sense of brightness and spaciousness, while splashes of colour can be added through details, walls and complementary units.

Decorating the study corner with pictures, plants and personal items is an effective way to give the space character while concurrently encouraging creativity during work or study sessions. Pictures can be chosen according to personal tastes and passions; plants contribute to creating a relaxing and natural atmosphere; personal items, such as photographs and souvenirs, add a personal touch while making the space more welcoming.

angolo studio-lavoro moderno

Technological solutions

A modern and efficient study corner also includes the integration of technology. In addition to devices that are indispensable for working from home, like your computer, other useful accessories such as a wireless charger built into the cabinet can also be added. Cable management is just as important: the use of cable organisers or wireway solutions keeps the area clean and tidy.

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In conclusion, thanks to the furnishing solutions proposed by Santalucia Mobili, your dream of creating a designer study corner in your living room, to work comfortably from home, can come true. By carefully evaluating the available space and the layout of the room, you can create a cosy and functional setting, perfectly integrated and matching the style of the rest of your home. The choice of versatile and multifunctional furniture will allow you to maximise the use of space and better accommodate your needs. Complete the look with ergonomic seating, appropriate lighting and personal decorations and there you have it: your very own study corner in the living room!