Grafite and Statuario: the new Homy Giorno finishes. - Santalucia

Grafite and Statuario: the new Homy Giorno finishes.

8 November 2022

Two new finishes have been added to the Homy Giorno collection: Grafite and Statuario are decorative marble-like finishes designed to dress unit fronts, tops and panels in timeless beauty.

“We wanted to reintroduce the look of materials usually considered ancient but which were new in their time. If we think of history being something that repeats itself, so is what it means to be contemporary.”

Santalucia Mobili

Marble has been capturing the imagination of designers for centuries. This is why Santalucia Mobili has chosen to recreate an elegant marble-effect finish for its latest made-in-Italy designs. The aim is to bring to life a modern living space that moves with the times, offering a striking interior design for a truly unique home. Elegance flows through the veins of the Homy Giorno marble-effect surfaces in two irresistible shades: Grafite, dark and intense, and Statuario, light and bright. These two finishes are extremely versatile, making them perfect for furnishing interiors with a contemporary or more modern style.

For discover all Santalucia Mobili’s new marble-effect compositions, download or browse the online catalogue.