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Decorate your bedroom with glass

23 April 2021

It’s hard to resist the appeal of glass, a star in the world of design and very much the material of the moment when it comes to modern style. Versatile, light and elegant, glass is easy to integrate into your home furniture designs. Glass is also a environmentally friendly choice, as it can be recycled. Whether on the walls, furniture or an accessory, glass can add personality and character to your bedroom in different shades, with the Homy Notte collection.

Elegant glass wardrobes

A wardrobe is one of the most important features in any bedroom. Generally speaking, it’s an imposing piece of furniture, making it an element of style that certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.


Opting for glass doors, perhaps in a smoked finish like the Nocta model, can help soften the look of the unit in the room and add an ultra-elegant touch.


If you want to have your things on view, but don’t have the space for the walk-in wardrobe so many dream of, a wardrobe with glass doors could be a valid alternative. With doors you can see through, it’s almost like admiring a shop window! And even better if there are multiple sides of the wardrobe on view, as with the Luxury model by Homy Notte which features glass doors and ends.


But if this effect seems like too much and you’re looking for a more subdued glass feature, there are wardrobe doors which combine glass with other materials such as wood, like the Nuit model. This elegant look also works perfectly in rooms with a more traditional feel.

armadio-con ante in vetro e essenza

Original coloured-glass accessories

In the Homy Notte collection, glass is the focal point of the occasional tables, designed as an alternative to a bedside table. Da Vinci and Picasso use different shades of colour to create a fresh, original design with a decorative effect.

tavolino comodino in vetro colorato sfumature bordeaux
tavolino in vetro colorato verde

Glass shelves and accessories

Glass can also be used for accessories, to add practical finishing touches and aesthetic details to different corners of the room, harnessing its power of expression. In the Homy Notte collection, a shelf and magazine rack are built into the Scacco headboard composition.

accessori in vetro fume integrati alla testiera letto

In all its variations and nuances, glass furnishes Homy bedrooms with light and elegant, modern touches.