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Dandy, a new idea of living

22 March 2018

The definition of ‘dandy’

Let’s go back to the beginning: at the start of the 19th century, the term ‘dandy’ started to become more widespread in the London area to refer to an elegant gentleman. Among these men was dandy incarnate, Lord George Bryan Brummel, also known as “Beau Brummel”. After the City of London, the dandy movement took hold in the Ville Lumière, where dandies such as Charles Baudelaire differenced themselves from the crowd with their refined, fashionable attire and eccentric, unorthodox lifestyles.

Dandy style in interior design

Over time, the word ‘dandy’ entered into common usage and is used today to refer to the modern man who likes to play with fashion and accessories, to stand out. The meaning of the word has also expanded to refer not only to an extremely elegant person, but also anything that is particularly refined, well looked after and tasteful. This includes furniture too. A dandy-style home is one that stands out for its original features, refined details and unique style. This is how the idea to call the new living room collection by Santalucia Mobili ‘Dandy’ came about.

Dandy, our new collection

Put together single units, redefine proportions, and match colours and finishes: in the Dandy collection, everything can be experimented with to express your own personality in all of its multiple forms.

In Dandy style, the aesthetic value comes through in unusual forms, on-trend colours and a relentless attention to detail that aims to amaze and intrigue.

Dandy has a versatile personality, never the same twice: it features pieces that appear to be one thing but are in fact something else entirely. Take the sofa-come-base-unit: this suspended unit ends with a seat that extends its form and function. Or the tables which provide an original spin on the modern desk.

The spirit behind Dandy is to make the ordinary, extraordinary, with design touches that go beyond norms and conventions. Dandy by Santalucia Mobili is eclectic and all about experimenting. It is a collection designed for those constantly on the lookout for new ways of arranging their living space and who want to furnish their space in absolute freedom.