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Assignments over the holidays? Here are 4 workstations to get on top of them

27 June 2023

Summer has arrived, schools have finished or are about to, and holidays are already in the air. The summer season is full of pleasures but there are duties too, with holiday assignments, revision to catch up on and university entrance exams to prepare for. Organising the home environment with a suitable workstation is important to help our children cope better with their studies, not only over the summer but all year round. This applies at home and in any second houses. And not just in living spaces but in bedrooms, too.

Here are 4 Homy solutions that suit any space… and subject! Each workstation can be completed with any type of seat, from a pouffe to an ergonomic chair.

#1 Desk built into bookcase

If you only have one wall available, you can opt for an all-in-one furnishing solution that includes open and closed compartments, display units, TV stand and, of course, a practical home-office workstation.

The overhanging desk top is built into the bookcase and has an increased depth to provide a larger surface area. Underneath the top there is a storage compartment for laptop and documents. When the study-work area is within the living space and therefore in the room where guests are received, it is important that there are spaces and modules to keep everything tidy. In addition, for absolute tidiness and optimal use of space, the pouffe can be stored underneath when it is not being used as a work seat.

#2 L-shaped desk table

If you have several walls available, you may consider dedicating a space exclusively to a home office, which is aesthetically and functionally connected to the rest of the furnishings, as in the photo.

The L-shaped desk table is formed of a vertical panel acting as the support and a horizontal panel built directly into the bookcase with a cut in the side. The bookcase is perfect for storage and keeping documents and books to hand, and the desk is visually unobtrusive. When it is not fulfilling its primary function, simply clear the surface and place some accessories on it for a decorative table: small touches that transform the space and increase versatility.

The L-shaped desk table can also be combined with wall-mounted base units to create lighter and smaller solutions that fit anywhere.

#3 Reinforced shelf

If you are looking for a minimalist, versatile and space-saving solution, the Cento reinforced shelf is what you need. It can be fixed directly to the wall, with or without panelling, can be included in a composition or become a stand-alone element, and looks great in a living space or a bedroom.

#4 Bridge wardrobe with alcove

You can even make a study corner out of a cupboard or wardrobe! How? With bridge solutions that can be added to a bedroom, living room or other separate space. The alcove is equipped with desk surface, shelving, drawer units and everything needed for a practical and stylish workstation.

Kids will be happier to get to work with these study areas. Take Santalucia Mobili’s word for it!