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5 plus for a Homy style living room

17 December 2021

Homy Giorno is ideal for those looking to bring the style and function of contemporary interior design into their homes. Find out how to design your living space with Santalucia Mobili.

Home office

Comfort and style are front and centre of these home offices. In these compositions, workstations are incorporated into the living area and include essential, functional features, even when space is limited.

soluzione home office mensolone pouf

A writing desk can be a linear wall-mounted or an L-shaped shelf, incorporated into other pieces, such as a bookcase or a suspended base, and paired with a stylish pouf as a seat. Solutions that create practical work spaces that are perfect in their setting.

home office con piano integrato nella libreria
soluzione home office mensolone a parete integrato alla base sospesa


Un elementAny living space, whether it has a classic design or a modern feel, can benefit from the style and functionality of a sideboard. Whether wall-mounted or floor-standing, with open or closed compartments, or drawers, modern sideboards are extremely versatile, providing storage and adding style to their setting..

madia a terra con vani aperti e chiusi
madia a terra colorata con ante e cassetti

Wood panelling

With multiple uses and finishes, the apparent simplicity of panelling makes it an excellent choice for adding character to living room walls. Homy Giorno panelling can feature a practical wall-mounted TV stand and can be backlit to bring even more stunning character to the room.

pannello boiserie per tv retroilluminato
dettaglio pannello boiserie schienale retroilluminato

Alternatively, it can serve as a complementary backdrop to furniture.

pannello boiserie in essenza con pannelli e mensola
angolo home office con pannello boiserie

Stopsol glass

New finishes make for even more style in this collection. For example, Stopsol glass brings an elegant reflective, see-through effect to wall unit and sideboard doors.

madia con ante in stopsol

The addition of internal LED lighting showcases the contents and adds a splash of drama to the room.

pensili con ante in vetro stopsol e luci interne

Multitasking bookcases

The bookcase is the feature piece of the living room, providing multifunctional storage solutions. For example, a bookcase can partition an open-plan space into separate areas. The double-sided version with no back panel can divide the living area and the dining area into two distinct spaces, while maintaining visual continuity between them

soluzione libreria bifacciale

The bookcase with built-in home office is proof that Homy Giorno designs are as much about functionality as style. A desk features discreetly among the shelves in the bookcase. The living space is optimised and the need for a workstation is met.

libreria con angolo home office integrato

ILastly, we come to the style and functionality of the spaces where we kick back and relax. A practical sliding door reveals and then hides a TV compartment, the ideal solution for those who don’t want the TV to be on display. Just a simple touch transforms the functionality and look of the entire setting.

libreria con ante scorrevoli
libreria con ante scorrevoli per nascondere tv

Three-dimensional design

Snake and Viper are small bookshelves that create stylish corners, add character to walls and dynamism to the entire living space. The Homy Giorno collection makes creative space for storage and leaves you to fill it with your personality.

libreria a parete di design
libreria design snake