comp. PTG311 - Santalucia

comp. PTG311

In this living room, oblique cuts and open spaces bring movement to the top half of the design, paired with simpler base units below.
Pratico collection

L.2754 - H.2050 - P. 384 / 488

Plenty of surface space

The Matwood Grey wood-grain finish on the base unit warms the whole space, bringing shades inspired by nature into the living room. The space is large enough to be used as a stand for the TV, a must when it comes to the living room.

The open compartments in Fresh Zucchero bring a breath of fresh air that is reflected
throughout the composition. Slotted in between the Eco Limo units featuring the unusual oblique cut
on the door creates a harmonious visual effect both in terms of form and colour.


Wood grains

Matwood White
Matwood Grey
Matwood Honey

Eco colours

Eco Bianco
Eco Limo
Eco Pepe



Textured Materia