comp. PTG311 - Santalucia

comp. PTG311

In this living room, oblique cuts and open spaces bring movement to the top half of the design, paired with simpler base units below.

Plenty of surface space

The Matwood Grey wood-grain finish on the base unit warms the whole space, bringing shades inspired by nature into the living room. The space is large enough to be used as a stand for the TV, a must when it comes to the living room.

Coordinated shapes and colours

The open compartments in Fresh Zucchero bring a breath of fresh air that is reflected throughout the composition. Slotted in between the Eco Limo units featuring the unusual oblique cut on the door creates a harmonious visual effect both in terms of form and colour.


Wood grains

Matwood White
Matwood Grey
Matwood Brown

Eco colours

Eco Bianco
Eco Limo
Eco Pepe



Textured Materia


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