Metron - Santalucia


Metron is an all-round design environment that boasts the following features:
intuitive uploading of graphics, simplified rendering, printing and automatic
layout, online ordering with a click.

The graphics configurator for furniture

A few examples of renderings produced with the Metron graphics configurator

Why use Metron?

  Simply “click & move” furniture items to the desired location

 Graphic interface for defining overall layout

  Automatic price calculation (including featured customisations)

  Automatic quote generation (including technical and commercial printouts)

  Automatic quoting system can be integrated manually

  Creation of complex and realistic spaces

  Objects that disrupt view can be hidden automatically or manually

  Doors and drawers can be opened, fully or partially

  Compositions exported in DXF / DWG

  Libraries of furnishing accessories available

  Available in Italian, English, French

  Orders delivered online automatically


How to install Metron?

Check system requirements

Download the latest version of the METRON configurator.

Download the graphics program

Once you have downloaded the file on your computer (the Setup-METRON-SantaLucia file should be in the Downloads folder), follow the instructions that appear until installation is complete.

Once installation is complete, click on the new Metron Santalucia icon on your desktop.

Contact Tesy Software on (+39) 0422 230004 or at

Please provide Tesy Software with the following information that appears on the access key window:
> User
> DSN code
> Computer name

You can also request the T-REND BASIC rendering program free of charge (payment required after the end of the trial period).

How to use Metron?

Watch Santalucia Mobili’s video tutorials to find out more about how to use METRON to its full potential.