For us the technology is the spirit of the future.
Within the Santalucia Mobili sites, we find quality workmanship where attention to details fuses with automation technology and effectiveness.

The production equipment features all the most modern systems overseeing the processing of category E1 wood particle boards with low formaldehyde content, according to European Standard, UNI EN309.

The processing centres

The processing centres carry out all stages with precision, resulting from specific technological and research investment policies. Following sectioning, finishing, drilling and the pantographing, the various painting cycles ensue, up until the automated assembly and packaging and dispatch with barcode.

Production management

Production management is constantly monitored by a technical supervision system which ensures perfect functioning of the entire work flow, maintaining the quality standards, reminiscent of the brand.


Automation and the industrial design of the large volumes have not cancelled out the attention paid to customer requirements which characterises the superior craftsmanship.

Specialist department

A specialist department oversees the creation of “oversize” models in order to always meet specific requests, demonstrating in any given context, the passion for made in Italy furniture which governs all operation choices.


Santa Lucia Spa’s “green approach” has been confirmed over the last decades. For instance, we use vinyl glue in surfacing rough panels. Santa Lucia has always had a special care for the environment and for its employees. It is currently being audited in order to obtain the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certification and become officially a “green company”. It has already obtained several ISO quality certifications.