Costumer service oriented.
The ability to understand the needs, the customer service, that speeds the solution to solve the problem from the first contact.

A cure that over the years represented Santa Lucia’s brand and now it’s part of all our collaborators, through the education of all our team.

Always we’ve been recognized as attentive to solve problems, and the choice to have an independent production gives us a chance to have a fast delivery and intervening quickly where our service is needed. The same attention brought us, over the years, our staff is able to answer in five different languages.

Front Office

staff speaking in 5 languages
(ITAILAN, ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH) the company is made by people that share and actively contribute to its destiny, each one for his/her share.

technical staff after-sales

Since we want our clients to be always satisfied, after-sales service is a priority for us.


Santa Lucia manufacturing plants and staff can provide high levels of customization.