comp. PTG304 - Santalucia

comp. PTG304

Oblique lines cut through the wall units to join the straight lines of the base and tall units. The result is an ultra-geometric living space that makes an impact.
Pratico collection

L.3403 - H.1791 - P. 384 / 488/ 500

A mix of shapes and colours

The unusual design of this living room  gives it a fresh, young feel.
The oblique cut across the fronts of these wall units creates open compartments which can be filled
with many different things, to furnish your space with added character. Rewrite the rules for your
living space, bringing to life the design  in a creative and unexpected way.

A chunky shelf slices through the column
to grab your attention and turn your living space
into something different.


Wood grains

Matwood White
Matwood Grey
Matwood Honey

Eco colours

Eco Bianco
Eco Limo
Eco Pepe



Textured Materia