Creativity and experience
to inspire new ideas.

new possibilities

The renewal of Santalucia Mobili’s image is the culmination of a team effort, involving the experience of company resources, as well as the original ideas of designers and professionals.

projects . Dandy per Ikona

studying new projects

For Santalucia Mobili, this is just a beginning. From its very inception the company has always paid close attention to the offer of new materials, finishes and workmanship: today, this quest becomes even more “targeted”, with the aim to promptly respond to a multifaceted customer base, increasingly more knowledgeable when it comes to product quality and well-informed on the latest styles and trends.

moodboard to study new combinations of finishes and colors

new artistic direction

The new artistic direction in fact clearly marks a new business direction, which without abandoning the path that has led the company to where it is now, looks to experiment and explore new avenues.

wallpaper. Dandy for Ikona