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Furnishing your entrance with Homy Notte

21 December 2020

The entrance is the first room guests see when they enter your home and it’s the space that welcomes them in, so it needs to be inviting and functional.

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In this post you can find some tips on how to furnish your entrance in a way that adapts to your everyday needs, but also enhances the space by adding original style. All inspired by the Homy Notte collection, by Santalucia Mobili.

Wardrobes for custom-fitted spaces

Today, the entrance plays an important role in the house. No longer simply a passageway, it’s a room in its own right, opening the door to a world of practicality.

If you have limited available space or your space is open plan, the entrance needs to be organised in a different way to keep it functional. Otherwise, where the space allows for it, it’s a good idea to really think about how to organise this area of your home. One practical solution is to introduce generously sized furniture such as wardrobe units, fitted with special compartments for clothes rails (whether hidden or on view) and a shoe rack, for example. These spots are perfect for storing shoes, coats and jackets as soon as you walk in the door, helping you to keep things tidy and hygienic – something we are all paying especially close attention to at the moment.

The Ego wardrobe by Homy Notte also features a range of accessories built into its bridge structure such as a practical mirror, for that last quick glance before heading out, and practical shelving for storing accessories such as hats, gloves and scarves, as well as purely decorative objects. All these added touches help to furnish what is in essence a dressing area.

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Another solution, this time more compact and understated but nonetheless stylish, is to include a fitted compartment with a small shelf and a comfy pouffe. Create the perfect place to put your bags down and keep them to hand, or to sit and wait patiently for the one who’s always late getting ready to go out.

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Stylish storage space

If the space doesn’t allow for large storage units, you could opt for a more compact solution that is no less practical. Modular units mean you can create a composition to fit the space. One example is the Diciotto range, which offers storage space and features an accessorised wood panel with a mirror and hook, providing a comprehensive solution that works perfectly in an entrance.

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If your entrance is less clearly defined such as in an open plan layout, why not opt for an alternative such as a dresser that serves as a sideboard? This offers storage space and surface space, pulling together different areas of the home like the living room and the entrance corner.

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The ultra-modular Cobalto range provides all the storage space you need. Plus it turns any entrance into a functional space, when positioned alongside a large mirror with built-in lighting such as Maia. Offering sleek, minimalist lines but with a maxi-sized look, the Maia mirror is great for adding more depth to the space.

Multi-purpose accessories for added style

If your space is too small for any storage units then some practical multi-purpose accessories could be just what you need. One example is the Atena mirror, perfect for furnishing the wall space in the entrance. It includes a place to hang your coat and a shelf hidden at the back.

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You can even add a handy bench for some extra surface space.

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In summary, by combining different accessories such as mirrors and tables, you can be creative in putting together compositions to furnish the entrance space, while keeping things practical and functional.

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