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23 July 2020

Wardrobes that are good for your health

Santalucia Mobili has responded to the need for increasingly cleaner, more hygienic and sanitised spaces by introducing an important innovative feature in all of its new wardrobes: SilverCoat. Unit interiors (…)

14 May 2020

A teen bedroom in Pratico style

A bedroom is every young person’s world, the place where they explore their own creativity. This is why it needs to be suitable not only for rest and relaxation, but (…)

9 July 2019

5 furniture must-haves for a hotel room

Whether it’s on a trip for business or pleasure, a hotel room is a place to relax in and catch some shuteye. It needs to be a practical, comfy space that is inviting and (…)

9 May 2019

How to choose the perfect dining table

Choosing the perfect dining table is harder than it might seem. Compared to other types of furniture, a table has an important, symbolic value: it is the centre of the home, (…)

15 January 2019

Young interior design is Pratico

What do young people look for in furniture?Style and functionality, but also the best price-to-quality ratio. All of this can be found in the bedroom and living room collections by Pratico, designed (…)

22 March 2018

Dandy, a new idea of living

The definition of ‘dandy’ Let’s go back to the beginning: at the start of the 19th century, the term ‘dandy’ started to become more widespread in the London area to (…)


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