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24 November 2022
libreria design snake

5 neat bookcases for compact spaces

Bookcases don’t have to be big and bulky. The Homy collection includes compact designs for creating a cosy book nook. Whether as a standalone unit, in pairs or combined with (…)

25 October 2022

5 Homy ideas for furnishing tricky spaces

Many of us find ourselves needing an ad-hoc furnishing solution to make the best use of a tricky space, from niches, compact rooms and lofts, to open spaces and problematic (…)

24 February 2022

Furniture that looks and feels great

Appearances matter, as they say. But when it comes to interior design, there’s more to it than that. Furniture by Santalucia Mobili is also about feel. How so? Our unique (…)

26 January 2022

Choosing your walk-in wardrobe

If you’re lacking storage space in your wardrobe for clothes, shoes and accessories, a walk-in wardrobe could be the answer. To help you choose the right one for you, Santalucia (…)

17 December 2021

5 plus for a Homy style living room

Homy Giorno is ideal for those looking to bring the style and function of contemporary interior design into their homes. Find out how to design your living space with Santalucia (…)

10 September 2021

Your home office, by Pratico

September means back to school and back to work: it’s the perfect time to think about designing, or redesigning, your home office. We have all learnt that having this space (…)


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