A teen bedroom in Pratico style

Products / 22 May 2020

A bedroom is every young person’s world, the place where they explore their own creativity. This is why it needs to be suitable not only for rest and relaxation, but also for leisure, study and entertainment.

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The Pratico Night collection by Santalucia Mobili provides practical, stylish solutions to these needs, creating a personal and comfortable environment. Here are some ways you can organise a teen bedroom with Pratico.

Somewhere to relax

You need to choose the bed really carefully. It needs to be comfy for when it is time to rest. Going for simple, functional solutions is the best option, but that does not mean compromising on style. Teens love to personalise their spaces.
For an even more generously sized place to sleep, you can opt for a queen-sized bed instead of a single. Take Eros by Pratico. This stylish bed features an upholstered headboard and is comfy to rest against while sitting, maybe to chat to friends on the phone or read.

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Somewhere to study

Having a space to do homework and for private study is essential. This is why you need functional bedroom furniture, like a spacious desk for books, a computer and maybe even some personal items, to make the space more original.
The drawers in the desk are useful for storing everything that needs to be within reach, and for keeping the work surface tidy. These solutions make the study corner extra practical.

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Somewhere to be creative

When it comes to bedroom furniture, there needs to be room for teen creativity, too: open compartments and shelves are ideal for showing off or tidying away hobbies and passions.

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Somewhere for clothes

Teens, just like adults, need space for their clothes, so they are free to choose their own style.
The wardrobes designed for a teen bedroom need to be functional and organised with useful accessories to keep everything tidy: drawers, shelves, clothes rails and mirrors.

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Wardrobe units that continue over the bed are also a great way to add practical storage space.

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